Just a Fingerprint of Black Lipstick

Just a thumbprint of black lipstick

And a crooked cat eye

I know that they all love me…

But I’m barely getting by.


Just a thumbprint of black lipstick

And the same old worn out lies

I know that they all hate me…

For the times I’ve said goodbye.


Just a thumbprint of black lipstick

I’ll apply it one last time…

This world’s become too harsh

I’m barely getting by…


A fingerprint of black lipstick,

I applied it one last time,

I wanted you to hear me…

Save me from the suicidal cry…


A thumbprint of pink lipstick

I knew it was the time,

This world became too harsh

Without the colours on my side…


A thumbprint of red lipstick

Applied with a girly sigh

Who thought she’d learn to love?

Who thought she’d make it by?


A thumbprint of blue lipstick

A rebellious shriver and a smile

Some colour in her cheeks

And new meaning in her life.


A thumbprint of black lipstick

Tears in her worn out old eyes,

Never thought she’d make it…

But she never knew she’d try.


She just wanted to remember

All she wanted was one try,

To remember how to be brave….

Remember how to cry.


Once the black is gone,

No one sees your pain.

Once the black is gone,

with it goes the rain.


You’re expected to be strong,

Live in perfect peace.

Have a smile always,

And never let it cease.


A smile is required,

Don’t let them see your pain.

If they see the you on the inside,

They’ll know that you’re insane.


What I Am.

I Am

  • As she sat there with a badly drawn cat eye,broken wings never meant for flying,

    a thumbprint of black lipstick badly applied…

    She thought… This, is not who I am.

    This is who I wish to be,

    This is what I have made myself.

    What I am on the inside, is not what I look like.

    What I am, is beautiful.

    I am beautiful. 

    I accept myself for all these flaws,

    I hold them close. They’re mine.

    I accept my imperfections, I embrace them.

    It’s who I am.

    Who cares about a thumbprint of black lipstick badly applied?

    I can accept myself, because I know the secrets.

    The secret that you can only accept others, if you accept yourself.

    I love myself, so I can love others.

    I’ve come to terms with the Hell inside me.

    I know I’m broken, not bent.

    I can learn to love again…

My inspiration is purely my friend. She sent me a picture of her makeup today, she finally got black lipstick, and wants to be who she is on the inside on the outside. So, I was inspired.

Songs Of Silence…

Silence sings a sad song. A quiet melody through the trees. The wind howling is it’s harmony, the trees rustle to the music. Whistle to the tune of loneliness, hum to the sound of sadness. Wake up to no one there. Go back to sleep, see the colours, all the ones you can’t keep. Fade to grey in the morning, it will all go away. They say clouds have a silver lining… I don’t see it. I see thunderclouds forming. I see a storm to come. The lightning flashes overhead, it falls with no warning. Destruction and chaos, it’s all from a little light. They say it’s beautiful, I see no beauty in death and destruction. An optimist is a suicidal pessimist who finally lost their mind…

Optimism is a dangerous thing***

***Definitely don’t let them handle the rations***

Don’t worry, we can have a little extra, the glass is still half full! VS. the glass is already half empty we need to save this so we can not DIE.

I say that because I was a optimist once… I had hopes, dreams, plans. It’s gone now. All of it, I hope for too much. I had high expectations. Too high, I was crushed. Broken, left lying on the floor like a broken little doll… Shattered, like my dreams. Love isn’t real, but words are. Love is for fairytales, but words are for stories. Words are for promises…

So my friend over at also has a post about silence, this was a collaboration. (but she’s procrastinating) It should be up soon so feel free to check it out! 🙂

Firs-Oops, Worst post.

First, I’m a little rusty, it’s been awhile and I hate starting off. First is always the worst so keep that in mind. So I’m just gonna write about a prompt. Interesting, right?

*how do I whisper “no” on my blog…*

What is it like to be alone?

“Can you hear the wedding bells?
I hear the chains rattle in Hell.
See the beauty of the Spring?
I see a broken sparrow, weeping for her wing.
Do you see hope for tomorrow?
All I see is yesterdays sorrow… You speak of happiness, I speak of Hell.
You see the silver lining, I see a thunderstorm. I know
the harshness of reality. I know what it is to be alone.
I know what it is to be lonely, what it is to be left for
nothing. The colors fade to grey, until you just can’t take another day…
Don’t tell me of happiness, I know what it is to be lonely.
I know how to be alone…”