What I Am.

I Am

  • As she sat there with a badly drawn cat eye,broken wings never meant for flying,

    a thumbprint of black lipstick badly applied…

    She thought… This, is not who I am.

    This is who I wish to be,

    This is what I have made myself.

    What I am on the inside, is not what I look like.

    What I am, is beautiful.

    I am beautiful. 

    I accept myself for all these flaws,

    I hold them close. They’re mine.

    I accept my imperfections, I embrace them.

    It’s who I am.

    Who cares about a thumbprint of black lipstick badly applied?

    I can accept myself, because I know the secrets.

    The secret that you can only accept others, if you accept yourself.

    I love myself, so I can love others.

    I’ve come to terms with the Hell inside me.

    I know I’m broken, not bent.

    I can learn to love again…

My inspiration is purely my friend. She sent me a picture of her makeup today, she finally got black lipstick, and wants to be who she is on the inside on the outside. So, I was inspired.

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