Songs Of Silence…

Silence sings a sad song. A quiet melody through the trees. The wind howling is it’s harmony, the trees rustle to the music. Whistle to the tune of loneliness, hum to the sound of sadness. Wake up to no one there. Go back to sleep, see the colours, all the ones you can’t keep. Fade to grey in the morning, it will all go away. They say clouds have a silver lining… I don’t see it. I see thunderclouds forming. I see a storm to come. The lightning flashes overhead, it falls with no warning. Destruction and chaos, it’s all from a little light. They say it’s beautiful, I see no beauty in death and destruction. An optimist is a suicidal pessimist who finally lost their mind…

Optimism is a dangerous thing***

***Definitely don’t let them handle the rations***

Don’t worry, we can have a little extra, the glass is still half full! VS. the glass is already half empty we need to save this so we can not DIE.

I say that because I was a optimist once… I had hopes, dreams, plans. It’s gone now. All of it, I hope for too much. I had high expectations. Too high, I was crushed. Broken, left lying on the floor like a broken little doll… Shattered, like my dreams. Love isn’t real, but words are. Love is for fairytales, but words are for stories. Words are for promises…

So my friend over at also has a post about silence, this was a collaboration. (but she’s procrastinating) It should be up soon so feel free to check it out! 🙂

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